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You Can Do It!

By Howard Spielman

you can do it


The real answer for any overeater is to learn how cope with a problem without running to the refrigerator.

The drawing above says it all. Do me a favor, cut out the cartoon and paste it on your refrigerator. I'll be there with you everyday.

Most of us have a problem with food on three levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Lets talk about the physical side of overeating. That's the food plan. The truth is, most of us cannot eat moderately! We simply don't know when to stop eating. We never feel full so we never know when is enough! So we really need a food plan.

 A food plan is a mechanical device that tells you when to stop eating. I explained earlier how to make up your own plan with the help of your doctor or nutritionist. The trick is you have to stick to it. Try it even for one day - just one day!

You might say "I've tried that before and it never worked. I can't stick to it!"

Let me try to open up a new world for you. Because I have become aware of my total being I no longer have to live in confusion. My whole life was spent in trying to change the physical aspects of my life, getting thin, with no regard for my emotional or spiritual state.

Maybe because our world is physical we just overlook everything else. Maybe we are so drugged with food we remain in a fog most of our lives. And when the pain gets too much we start eating again.

My friends, there are two more sides to everyone's total being. Emotional and spiritual. Each depends on one another to keep us on a course toward a happy and healthy life.

Let's talk about our emotions. Are we upset? We deal with our emotions everyday. If we are in the habit of running for food to over come our pain, we get into trouble.

If you're using a food plan and you've eaten and suddenly feel hungry... perhaps it's not really hunger you're feeling.

Maybe that empty feeling is emotional. Has someone said something to hurt your feelings? Did you expect some thing to go one way and it didn't? Are you bored? Are you lonely?

These are the feelings that used to drive me. I had absolutely no awareness. I only knew I wanted to feel better as quickly as possible. I didn't know how to correct anything except with food.

I don't know what particular problems you may be facing, but I do know eating to overcome them only makes it worse.

When you follow a food plan, you become the boss. Suddenly we become more aware of a little voice inside each of us which is like a tape recording, it plays over and over again "Eat something, you'll feel better." Don't listen to it!

Now the spiritual side. We have the ability to become inspired. We read about people, who like myself, have lost a great deal of weight and who are successful at keeping it off. My friends, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have some hope in your heart. Right?

That little spark of hope is going to be fanned into a flame that will give you the burning desire to try again and this time succeed.

If you learn to wait out your negative feelings with out running for food, I promise you, you'll be able to follow your food plan. And if you follow your food plan you will see that weight simply disappear.


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