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You Can Do It! / Low-Fat Plan

By Howard Spielman  

Everywhere you turn now-a-days, there's talk of food with no fat. You can't open a magazine without finding an article that says "lose weight easily with no fat foods." I've been writing about this kind of thing for years.

The research I did was on myself. I'm living proof that it works. If you keep your fat intake to a minimum of 20 percent of your total caloric intake and eat approximately 2000 calories a day, weight comes off.

With some deliberate planning and a permanent change in your food choices, you will achieve permanent weight loss.

I'm so pleased that new products are continually going on the shelves and into the dairy cases of our local supermarkets. You may not notice them right away, because they look just like the ones you are used to buying. They are almost indistinguishable from the things you have always purchased and eaten. However, they will have one thing in common- they are all low in fat or fat-free.

Many major foods companies are hopping onto the bandwagon hoping to snare a share of the new market. There's a tremendous amount of research and testing going on to create foods that taste good and yet remain low in fat.

A low-fat eating plan is one of the keys to long term weight loss and a healthier life.

If you don't believe me, take a look at the statistics coming out of Cornell University. Researchers there have found and reported the amazing effectiveness of a low-fat food plan.

Sticking to a low-fat food plan used to mean avoiding many foods and tastes we've all grown to love.

Now, thanks to a nutritional awareness and some food processing innovation, you can keep your fat intake to a minimum without giving up the taste you love.

They key to a low-fat food plan is to read the nutritional labeling on the product and fit in into your food plan, taking into account the calories of that serving and the percentage of fat of those calories.

Remember, one gram of fat equals nine calories. If a serving of low-fat ice cream has 150 calories and four grams of fat, this means that 36 of the 150 calories of the ice cream is the fat content. This is a low-fat product. Some of the ice creams that I've seen even have a zero-fat content.

The point is, once you become aware of the number of calories you want to consume in a day plus the percentage of fat in those calories, you can keep your fat intake to twenty percent of those calories. I guarantee you will lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

See your doctor for the number of calories he or she feels you should be eating and then begin to experiment with a food plan that fits your lifestyle.

Just remember to keep it low in fat. It's worth the effort because you're worth the effort. You can do it.

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