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Living Foods

By a Community Member  

Are you alive? How do you know? What is life?

Have you ever walked down a street, seen someone you know, and then quickly looked away because you didn't want to say hello? And then, you know that they saw you turn away even though you're not looking at them anymore. How do you know?

If you are on one side of a football field and your friend is on the other side, and you're both looking at each other, how do you know? If your friend held up a book from all the way over there and told you read a sentence in it, you'd never be able to. So how do you know he's looking at you?

ENERGY! You know because of energy. Life is energy. Anything living has energy. Every single one of the 35 trillion cells in our body has life. Since we are made out of life, we need life to stay alive! What does this mean? This means we need to be eating foods which have life. Which foods have energy?

In Parshat Eikev, when Moshe described the beauty of Israel to the Jews, he mentioned the 7 fruits of the land. Then he said something which seems irrelevant: ...a land whose stones are iron, and from whose mountains you'll mine copper. (Devarim 8:9) He told them that they would eat and be satisfied. The obvious question: what do stones and mountains have to do with food?

R' Shimon Schwab explains it beautifully. Picture this. You have rocks and nonliving things. There is a layer of soil on top of it. Then you have plants. Did you know that rocks have many minerals? For example, they have calcium, nitrogen, iron, magnesium, among other minerals. The roots of the plants grab onto those minerals and suck them into the plant. When the sun shines, photosynthesis takes place and the minerals become alive! You can't eat the minerals when they're dead. If you ate a bunch of rocks right now, that wouldn't help your body, even if it has all those minerals in it. Why? Because it's dead. See the miracle of plants! They extract the nutrients and bring them to life. Now those nutrients have an energy and can be consumed by us successfully!

How do those nutrients know where to go in your body? Let's say you need calcium in specific bones. When you eat something living, those nutrients go straight to the part of your body where it's needed most! Why? Because you have life! So when you eat food that has life, it's like you're talking the same language. There's communication and understanding going on there! When you eat something nonliving, however, your body treats it like a poison.

When we take living foods, and we cook them, there's no more life in those foods. We destroy the life in it. The body has a very difficult time tolerating nonliving foods. (In this article, I will not explain the effects of cooked foods on the body. If you're interested, do the research.)

Kirlian photography is high voltage photography. It's used to take pictures of energy. Here are a few pictures, just to give you an idea (even if it's black and white pictures).



Simply put, if you plant something living, it will create something living. For example, if you plant apple seeds, you'll have apple trees. If you plant a cooked apple, nothing will happen! It's because there's no life in it!

What about supplements? It's the same. Go ahead, walk over to your cabinet. Pick up a bottle of supplements. Take 1 out. Walk out to a yard. Dig a hole. Put the supplement in. Cover it with soil. Water it every day. Do you expect anything to happen? NO! Why? Because its nonliving.

People come over to me with many health issues. For some reason, they are looking for a miracle cure. We must learn to accept that SIMPLE things have a powerful effect. For example, eating an apple can work miracles for your body. Eating greens is health-transforming and life-transforming. (Just a side point. Once, I heard a girl asking a rabbi about segulot for getting married. He said to her, "I haven't heard of those. But you know what, just say a chapter of Tehilim." The expression on my face was, "Huh? That's it?" We think it's too little. We forget the power of these things!!!)

When the slightest mention of changing eating habits comes up, people ask me for supplements. They decide they just want to swallow a pill once or twice a day. Does it make sense? Eating habits are the cause of the health problems! Can we really expect to feel great and energetic by keeping our eating habits and just topping it off with some supplements? Can synthetic manmade supplements replace Hashem's AMAZING fruits and vegetables? Think about it.


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