Saturday, 24 February 2018
  • NY Candle Lighting: 5:21 pm
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  • Parasha -Tetzaveh
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  • Havdalah 6:22 pm, Rabbenu Tam 6:45 pm
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Rosh Hashana - Don’t be Cheap…. Put in the Quarter!

You are driving around in circles looking for a parking spot when you finally see one right in front of the grocery store you need to go to. You speed up to the spot assuring that no one else snatches it. You pull over, park the car and turn off the engine. You take a quarter out of your pocket, walk over to the parking meter and see that you have 2 minutes left. "Should I put the quarter in?" you ask yourself. "I can go in and out of the store in 2 minutes."



And so, you run into the store, grab the "red" milk your wife asked you to get and take a quick glance to make sure your car is OK. You grab some other items, wait in line, pay the $8.69 that you owe and as you step outside- there he is.... The traffic officer is writing a ticket custom made just for you.    "But sir just listen to me" you tell the officer. "I was just trying to get some change!" (Yeah right). The officer looks at you for a moment, pretends you don't exist, and continues on with the ticket.



What exactly is going through your mind at this moment? If you were a wise individual then you would think about how foolish you are for not feeding the parking meter. You would begin to regret your mistake and you would tell yourself that you would NEVER do such a thing again...........It simply isn't worth it. After all, that $35 ticket equals 140 quarters!



That, ladies and gentlemen the recipe for Teshuva, repentance. Everyone sins. After all, we're only human, and G-d understands that. But what is your reaction to the sin? Do you just move on with your life or do you stop and think about how foolish it was of you to violate a Torah Law? You must realize, all the pleasure of this world are nothing in comparison to what awaits us in the Next World. Therefore, after eating something that isn't Kosher or doing anything that isn't "Kosher", our first reaction should be - "Why did I do this? I better make sure this doesn't happen again!"


Here we are, during the holiest days of the Jewish Calendar. We must all take the opportunity to reflect on our past year and think of ways to improve ourselves in the upcoming year. Let's not remain stagnant. Just like we all look to move forward in our financial lives, we must all move forward in our spiritual lives. After all, our money doesn't come with us to the next world, it is only our good deeds that do.

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