Saturday, 24 February 2018
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I Have Yet

By Osnat Y.  


Patience is a virtue I have yet to master

What's the point in running faster and faster?

Kindness is an attribute I have yet to display

Give in and allow for just one day.


Time is a constant I have yet to wisely manage

Don't let it go - just take advantage

Wisdom is an enlightment I have yet to aspire to

I will conquer, I will overcome - I will do.


Potential is momentum I have yet to realize

I am calm and collected - I am just as wise.

Truth is an authenticity I have yet to discover

I will continue to search- I have yet to uncover.


Confidence is a stamina I have yet construct

Strive and aspire - forget about luck.

Being hard on myself is a vice I have yet to give up

Don't be so quick to dismiss- I'm not quick to erupt.


Love is a concept I have yet to grasp

Health is a gift I have yet to unwrap.

Strength is a force I have yet to manifest

Forgiveness is a skill I have yet to perfect.


G-d is a supremacy I have yet to discern

Give me some time - I'll be stripped of all the concerns.

Life and its wonders- I have yet to learn

I have all the tools- I will stand firm.

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