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Creating Moments of Courage

By Sarah Yagudaev 

Courage is a trait that greatly enhances a person's life. The opposite of courage is fear. Fear causes stress and distress in the psyche of a person and it also prevents people from achieving and accomplishing things in life. Instead of letting your fears get the best of you, you should find out ways on how to fully experience the fear, you should name it, familiarize yourself with it, and take it by the hand so it can become your friend. Fear can be either our enemy or ally. Fear goes exactly where we tell it go! Fear becomes what we make it become!


It takes a lot of courage to actually come face to face with our fears. The courage to act doesn't come from eliminating the fear, it comes from experiencing fear in a new way.


Putting a hold on our lives many times stems from a lack of self-confidence. The ultimate root of having a lack of confidence is fear of not being good enough, or of not believing in ourselves enough. 


The acronym for F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real… It appears real, even though it is a fear of the future, past, or present. Therefore, it isn't in any way real, and the self-ego


feels severely threatened by the fear. As a result of that, the fear makes us cling to what is known and familiar to us. Fears create worry, nervous disorders, and an unstable environment. It is crucial to enhance as much courage as possible in our system because courage is a decision we make to go beyond fears that limit us. We need to remember that courage comes from the mind and thoughts. We should say to ourselves a few times a day "I choose my thoughts, I choose the way I want to run my life." "I choose my thoughts, I choose the way I want to run my life." 


These words will rebuild what is broken in us and it will give us the courage and power to rebuild our lives all on our very own. If we want to be great we need to create our future with a great amount of courage. We can't just sit back and wait for our fears to go away. We need to be in control of our lives, we cannot allow our fears to control our lives. Hashem runs a person on choice. What they choose will be their reality. If we choose to run our life on fears and worry then that is exactly the way our life will run. However, if we choose to run our life with confidence and courage then that is the way that Hashem will help us run our life. In every area of our lives what we want to achieve is success. We definitely cannot achieve success through fear. We strive to be successful and courageous. Once we define our courage the next step is to achieve it!



          FEAR                      VS.                     COURAGE

A. Creation of the mind                           A. Matter of the heart

B. Loud, convincing, appears real             B. Quiet, strong, based on truth

C. easy to hear                                       C. Takes effort to listen

D. The more you use it, the more powerful and louder it becomes

E. A tension band that holds you back  E. Silent strength that propels you forward and prevents you from moving forward                       (Chart by Danny Cox:)





Sarah Yagudaev has a BA in psychology and an MS in General and Special Education from Birth to sixth grade. She is licensed and certified in Education. Sarah is the founder and runs a successful women's group called "Chachmat Nashim"-" Womens Wisdom" in Far Rockaway and Queens for the Z'chut of a Refuah Sheleima for Rav Igal B-n Yael. Sarah began a website called, a positive thinking website where she incorporates her ideas and experiences into the website as well as incorporating the ideas of other authors and theorists on the positive thinking concept. Sarah is currently a singer for women and uses her singing as an outlet and source of inspiration for other women around the world. Contact Sarah if you have any questions or feedback at

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