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Thank you so much

On behalf of all my friends, I would like to thank CHAZAQ for providing so many amazing programs for the entire community. My friends and I, all from Queens, have gradually changed our lives thanks to CHAZAQ. One of them, who was anti-religion and was particularly opposed to Jewish laws pertaining to married women, actually decided to cover her hair recently. Now she is "brainwashing" the rest of us with this Mitzvah. Keep up the great work and "Tel-choo Mi'Chayil el Chayil!"

- Sarah Princess

Queens, NY


Great Job

Hello, I have been living in Queens for nearly 30 years. I have seen drastic changes since I have moved here and I am sure there will be many more in the years to come. But I must share this with you. My granddaughter is in law school and Judaism hasn't played much of a role in her life. She still is a very sweet girl and, boruch hashem, is very successful in all her studies, but she has become increasingly secular over the past decade. She was over by my house for Chanukah and we had a copy of the CHAZAQ magazine which was delivered to my door. She took a glance at it and eventually read all the material from cover to cover. She then told me "Grandma, these beautiful ideas in life can only be found in the Torah." To hear that from her made my Chanukah very special. This past week she gave me a call and asked me to send her a copy every month.         

Thank you and best wishes,

- Happy Grandmother


Can't wait ...

The magazine is so great. It is very entertaining, educational, and interesting. I can't wait until the next one comes out.

- Diana Nassimi


Thank You  

I wanted to simply thank you for all the great programs you provide for our community. Although I am of Ashkenazi background, I can honestly say that CHAZAQ has built such a beautiful environment that makes everyone feel at home. Your work ought to be emulated by other organizations. As Rabbi Krohn emphasized at a CHAZAQ event, the Achdus (unity) CHAZAQ has created is simply a great Kiddush Hashem.   

- Devorah L.



I must say you are doing an amazing job. I have watched CHAZAQ grow over the past three years and I feel a big sense of pride knowing that there is such a wonderful organization spreading Torah in Queens. I constantly complain to my friends and teachers how everything Jewish is always happening in places such as Brooklyn, Monsey, Far Rockaway, and Lakewood. It's about time to make Queens a strong Torah center. All the wonderful programs, now this magazine - you are blowing me away. CHAZAQ, CHAZAQ, V'nitchazek! B''H you are doing very well and I must congratulate you for all your hard work.

- T.N. 

Kew Gardens                                                                                        


My Son is a Regular at Your Events

I have heard so many great things about your organization. My son is a regular at your events and he always makes sure to take some friends who need some Chizuk along with him. The entire community truly owes you a big Yasher Koyach. I don't know of too many community-based organizations that have touched the lives of Yidden of different backgrounds the way you have. Keep up the great work in developing a better future for Klal Yisroel.

- Yehuda L.


After seeing photos of CHAZAQ programs in the first few issues of the magazine, I actually decided to check out a CHAZAQ program in person. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, seeing CHAZAQ in action is a million times greater!

I was by the event they organized for Israeli's featuring Rabbi Noach Hertz, a former IDF soldier held captive by Syria for nearly a year, and Ehud Banai, a renowned singer who is a recent ba'al teshuva. What I saw that evening was incredible. There were literally scores of non affiliated Jews gathered together and getting a dose of inspiration. That evening was so touching, that I even suggested having a seating area for people who don't speak Hebrew because they would have been inspired by simply seeing the faces of those in attendance.                                   

Keep up the great work!

- Yochi S. 

Kew Gardens, Queens         


CHAZAQ is now in Brooklyn? Take it easy! Doesn't the "Q" stand for Queens? Just kidding! Thank you for all the great programs you provide to ALL of us.

Send in some more copies of the magazine....Everyone is grabbing it! Plus the people here, Boruch Hashem, have larger families.

- J.J.

Brooklyn, New York



Congrats on all the great work you do. My family really enjoys your magazine. It gets better and better with each issue.

- Sharona S.

Kew Garden Hills, Queens


Icing on the Cake


I just wanted to let you know that we truly appreciate all the programs you provide. Your magazine is like the icing on the cake. Keep up the great work, and I encourage everybody to support CHAZAQ in their very holy work!

- Dina Eliyahu

Queens, New York



Great magazine! Great programs! And a Big Yasher Koach! 

- Yossi T. 

KGH, Queens


Hi, my family really enjoys your magazine. I particularly enjoy reading it in the park while my children are playing. Though I wish you could publish it weekly. It might be difficult but you could at least try! Thanks  

- Marina A. 

Forest Hills, Queens


Sweet and Healthy New Year

I have seen the CHAZAQ Magazine all over New York (I travel a lot) and thought this would be a great way to wish all my friends a sweet and healthy new year! May we all have the merit to build a Bayis Ne'eman B'yisroel!

- Adina L.

Brooklyn, New York


Saving Our Youth

I am proud to say that I have volunteered for CHAZAQ on a regular basis and I am witness to the revolution they have made and particularly with taking youth off the streets. We should all join in on this great cause and help them any way that we could! Shanah Tova to you and all of Kla Yisrael!

- Anonymous

Forest Hills, Queens


More Chizuk

I was at the CHAZAQ Event with Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein this past month and it was truly a wonderful and inspirational lecture. Thanks for all the Chizuk you provide for the entire community and may Hashem bless you all with much more success in the upcoming year.

- Yael R.

Kew Gardens Hills, Queens


Mechazek Jews Worldwide

Translated from Hebrew:

Shalom CHAZAQ. You should continue to be Mechazek Jews around the world. Chazaq Baruch and kol Toov!

- Yossi N.

Bnei Brak, Israel



I was recently shopping at a local supermarket and while waiting on line, I picked up a copy of CHAZAQ Magazine. I got home, sat down and read the entire magazine from cover-to-cover. Never have I been SO inspired! Thank you and please keep the publication free when it becomes an even bigger hit!

- Elisheva G.



Enters My Heart

I am a big fan of CHAZAQ Magazine. What you guys do is unbelievable. I especially like your series of articles on parenthood and the relationship children have with their parents. I often find this pressing issue neglected and ignored. Your writer does a superb job in conveying the right attitude we must have for our parents. I feel that his writing emanates from his heart. It then enters mine. Thank You.

- Sal Meir

Queens, New York



I wanted to praise you on a job well done. I was in attendance on the night you hosted Rabbi Asher Kushner, and to see hundreds of people attend a lecture in Russian was truly a great Kiddush Hashem. Communism did a lot to tear the Torah away from our Russian brethren and it's great to see CHAZAQ allocate some of their time and money to inspire Russian Jews who unfortunately are many times forgotten. Keep up the great work and thanks for publishing such a wonderful magazine.

- Osnat R.

Brooklyn, New York



As one who has been inspired time and time again by the lectures you organize and familiar with many young men that have changed through the Men's Learning Program [at the Beth Gavriel Center], I think the community as a whole should unite in supporting your amazing work.

I recently spoke to a young couple who were both non-observant Jews a short while ago. Today they live a life of Torah and Mitzvot thanks to your inspirational programs.

Keep up the great work.

- Name Withheld

Rego Park, Queens


Lesson for All

I would like to comment on the special tribute to the Saba family that was printed in the issue 11 of the CHAZAQ magazine. Having read many articles about the family and hearing several eulogies as well, I believe that this tragedy is yet another wake up call to Jewish communities around the world. Everyone must take this calamity to heart and realize that we have a purpose in this world and we don't know how long we can be here to fulfill that purpose. Although the Sabas were multi-millionaires, they nevertheless didn't lose focus on what life is truly all about. Their love and commitment for the Torah and its scholars was legendary. Their love and concern for all is something we must emulate. To fill the void they have left would be difficult and probably impossible. The least we could do though, is analyze whether we are fulfilling our mission in our lives. Are we treating others with the proper respect? Are we giving charity to those in need? Are we exerting all our energy to be the best Jews we can be?  Life is too precious to waste on mundane matters. Torah and Mitzvot is all we take with us after we leave this world.  May their memory be blessed.                

- Yehuda S.

Brooklyn, NY


Appreciating our Wealth

Rabbi Shafier's monthly series in CHAZAQ magazine entitled "Appreciating our Wealth" is truly a precious gem. In a generation where everything is accessible, why are we witnessing so much depression? Why are divorce rates rising? Why are so many children unhappy with life? Rabbi Shafier touches on all the reasons for this, and I thank you very much for presenting it to the public.  I encourage everyone to read these articles. They truly are life altering material.

- Sarit L.

KGH, Queens   


Change the Face of the Community

I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you give me and my family. Your magazine is fabulous and the daily programs you provide are changing the face of the community. Chazaq u'baruch and may Hashem give you the strength to continue strong!

- Oksana A.                                                                                                            

Queens NY    


Public Thanks

I would like to publicly salute Yaniv Meirov for all the amazing work he does in the community through CHAZAQ. Every time I see him, he is on the move - arranging inspirational lectures for the community, handing out Torah CDs, and talking to teenagers on the streets.

With all his running around, Hashem planted a beautiful idea in his head: the CHAZAQ magazine. The magazine is truly getting better and better each time. There is so much inspirational and beneficial information for people of all ages: from articles to the advertisements of Kosher restaurants, to the traffic violation section.

I'd also like to make mention of Yaniv's brother, Rabbi Ilan. I've been coming to the Men's learning program in the Beth Gavriel Center since I was a teenager. Learning at this program together with him has really opened my interest in a Torah way of life. I can honestly say that learning Torah is the best thing that ever happened to me. There is so much to say about the beauty of the Torah, that I would need another hundred pages to explain just the tip of it. This program has helped shape me into the religious Jew I am today, having celebrated my wedding only months ago.

It's unbelievable how many Jews are coming back to Judaism thanks to all the dedicated staff members of CHAZAQ. G-D bless them all and may they have the strength to continue their great work.

- Imanuel Ibragimov

Flushing, NY.


Appreciating our Wealth

Thank you for providing such an informative magazine. Your monthly series with Rabbi Benzion Shafier is truly inspirational. If everyone would take their time digesting his writings on appreciating what we have, we would not have the depression that is unfortunately rampant in our generation. Thanks so much and continue your amazing work.

- Talia D.

Forest Hills, NY.


Great Neck Community

Thanks a million for all the great work you do! I have attended so many of your programs and lectures in Queens and now you have brought your amazing work to the Great Neck community. We truly appreciate all the help, concern, and care you have extended towards us and we look forward to more of your programs in the near future. Tizku Lemitzvot!  

- Adina

Great Neck


Fabulous Job!


Chazaq Baruch on your fabulous work. It is very heartwarming to see so many men and women of different backgrounds and age groups get inspired on such a great scale on a consistent basis. Your work is definitely appreciated by the entire community and we wish you much success in all your holy work.

- Linda Maize                                                                                                              

Kew Gardens Hills



The 13th issue of the CHAZAQ magazine once again touched upon a core issue plaguing today's generation. Although our economy is still struggling, the lack of happiness that plagues our youth has been around long before the financial issues came upon us. Boys and girls from families that are "well off" are seemingly missing something in their lives as a whole and Judaism in particular. The special features by Rabbi Shaya Cohen and Rabbi Benzion Shafier really touched upon the mindset we must develop in order to feel true fulfillment in life. Both those articles are a must read for parents in today's generation. Thank you and all the best.

- Sharona

Jamaica Estates   


Shanah Tova


Thank you for yet another year of Chizuk and inspiration. Your work is truly wonderful and has changed the face of our community. As for your magazine, it is simply great. There is always something for the whole family to read and it truly is a publication that every Jewish home should have. Shana Tova and continue the great rk.                                                                                                                            

- Sionov Family




Dangerous Friendships

The CHAZAQ lecture with Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky (November 7th) was one that unfortunately must be heard by frum couples around the world. The friendships that married people develop in their workplaces and through social websites such as facebook are destroying the foundation of the Jewish home. I believe more Rabbonim should discuss the dangers of this unfortunate phenomenon as many families are breaking apart because of this growing problem.

- Anonymous, KGH


Keep it up!

Thank you for the wonderful and inspirational magazine that we've come to know and love! I'd like to thank all the contributors for the amazing and motivating articles that make people thirst for more. Keep up the great work!!!

Thank you once again,

- Sefra,



Highly Recommended

I would like to thank you for your truly amazing and inspirational magazine. From a reader's view I can tell that a lot of work, thought and effort has been made to create a monthly publication that unifies and inspires the community. I would like to add that I have come across a book entitled "The Garden of Emuna" by R' Shalom Arush, which I find exceptionally moving. It's a book that speaks to your soul, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to strengthen their faith in G-d in any situation.

Once again, thank you and all the best,

- Anonymous



There really are no words that can describe the amazing work that your organization is doing to our community and to Klal Yisrael at large. On behalf of all of Am Yisrael we would like to bless everyone involved with CHAZAQ with much Bracha and Success.

- Gilman Family



No longer Traditional

Dear Chazaq,

I have participated in your lectures for several months and have grown tremendously during this time. Having studied in Public school and raised in a traditional Jewish home, I have always been satisfied with living as a traditional Jew in that I only observed "symbolic" Mitzvot such as Passover and Rosh Hashana. Thanks to your programs I have truly found that Judaism isn't a matter of national pride rather a way of life.

I was especially inspired by your recent lecture by Rabbi Eliyahu Bergstein that touched upon the logical proofs of the authenticity of the Torah. Thank you so much for the inspiration and I look forward to future events.

- Emily B.

Forest Hills


Changed my Life

Hi, I would like to commend you on your wonderful magazine publications and for all the CHAZAQ programs which unite our community to Torah and Mitzvot. Your articles by Rabbi Shafier are truly an eye opener and have changed my outlook on life. I recently received Rabbi Shafier's book, "Stop Surving, Start Living" and recommend everyone to get a hold of one. Reading this book will help you acquire the tools needed to face the many challenges of life, especially in todays difficult time. Thanks again for all the chizuk and best wishes for continued success.


- Community Member who stopped surviving and started living


Chazaq has taken the lead in the Queens community in providing essential community services to its constituents. Through their educational programming, they have affected thousands of at risk teens. Thanks to their family division, they have helped many marriages. Their impact on the Queens community is as widely felt as it is deeply appreciated.

Roman Aminov, Esq.




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